Wake up Boys

By melissamarcello on

Wake-Me-Up-Fashionisto-Exclusive-004-800x1200 Wake-Me-Up-Fashionisto-Exclusive-005-800x1200Wake-Me-Up-Fashionisto-Exclusive-002 Wake-Me-Up-Fashionisto-Exclusive-001 Wake-Me-Up-Fashionisto-Exclusive-012 Wake-Me-Up-Fashionisto-Exclusive-011 Wake-Me-Up-Fashionisto-Exclusive-010 Wake-Me-Up-Fashionisto-Exclusive-009 Wake-Me-Up-Fashionisto-Exclusive-008 Wake-Me-Up-Fashionisto-Exclusive-007 Wake-Me-Up-Fashionisto-Exclusive-006   Wake-Me-Up-Fashionisto-Exclusive-003

Models from Fashion Milano come together for a charming story from photographer Melissa Marcello.

Styled by Beatrice Papa in underwear and comfortable t-shirts.

Models: Francois, Daniel K, Adam Kaszewski, Dan Kling, Viktor Rasmussen, Erik and Niek Put come together for a relaxed slumber feature.

Makeup by Ginevra Calie.

Special thanks to Matteo Mazzi.

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